Automate actions in your smart home with almost any connected device

Save Energy

Reduce energy consumption for your heating and cooling by optimising shading and heating with Apilio.

Enjoy Comfort

Delegate daily routine tasks like switching on and off devices to Apilio.

Feel secure

Feel more secure with the help of some automated lights or warning messages in appropriate scenarios.

Apilio is a virtual controller for smarter home automation that connects with your existing smart devices

With Apilio, you can use the capabilities of your existing smart home devices to build advanced automation for your smart home. Whereas other solutions often either fall short in device compatibility or lack of flexibility, Apilio offer both in one package.

Thanks to our connectivity through IFTTT, you will have a hard time finding a non-compatible device. And thanks to the Apilio’s flexibility, you can build almost any automation scenario you can think of.

With Apilio, you can...

Send smart notifications

Notify me and switch on the light if there's noise at home while I'm at work

Control lights

Turn on the lights and close the garage if it's dark and I'm not at home

Optimize your heating system

Put the heating on if it's after 17:00 and I'm leaving my workplace


Apilio helps you create Logicblocks to make your life easier AND maybe even save you energy in the process


Apilio is pure cloud software and connects to all your existing services and devices through IFTTT. No hub required - woo hoo!


Apilio is designed to extend IFTTT. So you can use Apilio with everything that connects with IFTTT. Which is about... almost anything you can think of


Combine multiple IFTTT triggers and conditions to build amazing outcomes - most customers soon wonder how they ever lived without Apilio


While we admit that it helps if you have some "techie" mindset, setting up and using Apilio does not require any programming skills


We've got loads of resources on our Community pages; it's a great place to go for inspiration, moral support and new feature requests. Even if you haven't done it yet, chances are one of the Community members will have done so


If at first you don't succeed, don't keep climbing up the wall, send us a message! Get in touch via the Intercom button on our website and we'll help you out as fast as we can - we actually LOVE doing that!

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Some of the services we work with

Thanks to our integration with IFTTT, you have access to a vast amount of services and devices. 

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