Apilio attends Energy Startup Day

Last Week Philipp and Anna from Team Apilio attended the Energy Startup Day in Zurich (https://www.energy-startup-day.ch/). This is a yearly event where start-ups, established companies, investors and public institutions get together to learn about what everyone else is working on in the energy, cleantech and smart buildings landscape and discuss potential partnerships, investments and collaborations.  […]

Launching on the IFTTT platform

Hey Everyone! Today is one of the most exciting and rewarding days of Apilio ever – we are launching our official native integration with IFTTT! We are #quiteProud #veryProud to see ourselves on the IFTTT service selection page. 🤩 The integration makes your Apilio-IFTTT functions easier to connect and manage, allowing for faster setup and […]

Big news from Apilio!

I tried to find an easier way make to call your IFTTT Applets (formerly known as recipes) from Apilio. Instead of fumbling with URLs, you can now work with easy-to-remember event names. Easier integration What’s new The goal of the re-make was to make it easier to integrate Apilio with IFTTT. As I learnt from some users, this was quite a hurdle for some of you.With the old version, you had to configure the Positive/Negative action on the logicblock with the complete external URL: With […]

Easier integration with IFTTT coming!

At the end of every logic you implement with Apilio there’s one crucial task to do: Making a link to an IFTTT Maker Channel recipe in order to trigger any result. With the new update coming, this is going to be a lot easier!  The old method: Pasting in a complete link To bring Apilio online as quick as possible and to keep thing simple I had decided to implement the link to IFTTT as simple as possible: A single URL field for each possible outcome (positive and negative). While thi […]