More logicblock flexibility with Apilio Smart Home automation

It usually goes this way: you have a great idea. You want to setup a smart light/switch/sensor combination at home, or to create a smart aquarium controller, or to control your thermostat depending on how many people are home and the desired comfort temperature. You start investigating the required services and devices, and begin testing, setting up your variables and custom logic in Apilio. As we usually want to build something that is truly bespoke and solves your problem in the best way possible, you want to research and test ideas.

Apilio wants to facilitate this, by allowing you to make your logicblocks of choice active or inactive. This means that with a simple checkbox, you can tell Apilio, which logic should be run and which one should be ignored. This way you can save all your different ideas for your logic, without having to start from scratch again.

Apilio Smart Home automation. Works with IFTTT. Use logiblocks to control your smart home, set timers, delays, multiple action, triggers.

For example, as I work from home, I have a logicblock that automates a message to my IFTTT app, if I’m still home by a specific time in the morning, so it reminds me to go outside for a little walk (if you’d like to build this yourself, find all the details here). When I was first building this idea, I investigated using several services to determine my location: IFTTT location sevice, life360, and connecting to my home wifi … Each one of these ideas needs a slightly different logicblock with different actions, so I was editing the same logicblock over and over, testing new ideas. This means I wasn’t able to keep any of my previous iterations!

With the new feature to make a logicblock active or inactive this means I can choose which logic I am running at one given time, without having to delete any of my logicblocks.

Being able to turn one of your logicblocks off will also allow you to keep logic that might be more seasonal inactive, until it is needed again. Think for instance of a very nice logicblock that orchestrates your Christmas decorations in a smarter way, combining different actions at different times, maybe with a different setup depending on the weather that day to keep things interesting! After you have configured your logicblocks the way you like them, being able to make them inactive will ensure they are kept with the configuration you created. So handy!

Apilio Smart Home automation. Works with IFTTT. Use logiblocks to control your smart home, set timers, delays, multiple action, triggers.

If you’d like some more information about how to change your logicblocks from active to inactive and vice-versa within Apilio, head over to our Community, where you can read all the details about how to use this in Apilio.

If you’d like to start making your life smarter with Apilio today, start your free trial now and get in touch if you have any questions! 🙂

Apilio for Smarter Home automation helps you save energy, feel more secure and puts you in control. Get things working together the way you want them to. Learn more on pricing or start a free trial here.

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