Big news from Apilio!

I tried to find an easier way make to call your IFTTT Applets (formerly known as recipes) from Apilio. Instead of fumbling with URLs, you can now work with easy-to-remember event names.

Easier integration

What’s new

The goal of the re-make was to make it easier to integrate Apilio with IFTTT. As I learnt from some users, this was quite a hurdle for some of you.
With the old version, you had to configure the Positive/Negative action on the logicblock with the complete external URL:
With the new release, the same configuration looks like this:

A prerequisite to make this possible is that you configure your IFTTT Maker Channel URL once on your user profile page.

This key is unique for every IFTTT account and necessary to enable Apilio to trigger any Applet on IFTTT.Picture

The migration

I was able to make a script that updates all existing users and logicblocks to the new format. So no work for you on that side!I hope you also like the updated version!

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  1. Pete Sheppard
    Pete Sheppard
    18th January 2017 at 15:31

    Just want to say your application is great. I’ve used it multiple times to combine IFTTT apps and it worked flawlessly. Keep it up!


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