Easier integration with IFTTT coming!

At the end of every logic you implement with Apilio there’s one crucial task to do: Making a link to an IFTTT Maker Channel recipe in order to trigger any result. With the new update coming, this is going to be a lot easier!  The old method: Pasting in a complete link To bring Apilio online as quick as possible and to keep thing simple I had decided to implement the link to IFTTT as simple as possible: A single URL field for each possible outcome (positive and negative). While thi […]

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Amazon AWS IoT Button – First Impressions

I was quite excited when I heard that Amazon is selling a modified special version of its Amazon Dash Buttons. While the normal Dash buttons cannot do anything else than order one thing on Amazon, the AWS IoT Button is “programmable”, meaning you can set it up to connect to everything that is reachable via the internet. But what sets it apart from other options?

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