New login process

If you have recently logged into the Apilio web application, you have probably notices that there is a slight change in the login procedure. This

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Improvements to the login process coming

We are about to release a change in the signup and login process. There is no immediate change in functionality, but the change in the background opens the door to implement more login options soon. Sign in with Google You have probably noticed that since day one of Apilio, the only way to sign up and log in was through a Google account.​​The reason for that focusing was that it takes off a lot of work off a developers shoulders. No need to fight fa […]

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Follow our path from great to awesome!

Hello Everyone! Apilio started off as a personal project with a basic, but powerful, feature set. In the last few months we have been busy in the background, working out how best to grow and support our amazing customer base.In order to deliver our plans, we recently completed a funding round to incorporate and start building Apilio the company. 🥳As part of this development we will soon send out important instructions that are necessary to keep your account alive so please watch out […]

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A word on the Stringify Service Shutdown

Hey Everyone!The Stringify team sent out a message on Monday 8th that the service will be shut down in June 2019. Based on the reaction of many users, that was bad news.To send a clear message, we just wanted to reassure you we’re not intending to follow the same path as Stringify, so don’t fear!Apilio started off as a personal project with a basic, but versatile feature set. In the last few months we have been very busy in the background, trying to determine how best to grow and support our ama […]

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Handling the exception to the rule

Have you ever worried about your automation setup to do something in an unsuitable moment? Or hesitated to automate something because you think its rule would apply more often than desired? Then worry no more – Apilio will help you out!

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